PN#9225 - TTS MasterTune Single Bike Kit
PN#9230 - TTS 4-Channel Analog MasterTune Single Bike Kit
The most powerful tuning tool available for your motorcycles ECM, bar none! Available in two different versions, this one tool contains three powerful programs including Mastertune tuning software, Data Master data acquisition and VTune, a self-tuning software solution. Mastertune has over 20 tables and parameters to optimize your ECM including air-fuel mixture and timing. (Some early year bikes may have fewer tables). The 4-Channel Analog version offers all the same great features of the original along with four 0-8 vdc inputs for devices like EGT probes, AFR meters and such. The unit will fully integrate the 4-channel input information into DataMaster and Flight Recorder programs so it can be graphed or displayed like all other data from the ECM. Not compatible with Apple/Mac.
The TTS Master Tune does NOT include link cables for tuning. If you install the TTS Master Tune yourself you will need to purchase the appropriate USB Cable Kit for your application. Not compatible with Apple/Mac.

Not Available in the State of California
P/N Fitment
9223 MasterTune USB Cable For Original P/N 9220 TTS (Black Interface) on ’01-'13 Delphi Equipped H-D Motorcycles
9225 ’01-'17 H-D Models with Delphi EFI
9226 ’01-'17 H-D Models with Delphi EFI
9227 For use with TTS MasterTune on '11-'17 Softails & '12-'17 Dynas
9228 For use with TTS MasterTune on '02-'13 Electra Glides, Road Glides, Road Kings & Street Glides; '09-'13 Trikes, '01-'10 Softails, '04-'11 Dynas & '07-'13 Sportsters
9229 For use with TTS MasterTune on '14-'17 Electra Glides, Road Glides, Road Kings, Street Glides, Trikes, Sportsters & Street Models, '11-'17 Softails, & '12-'17 Dynas
9230 '01-'17 H-D Models with Delphi EFI

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