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Women's World Record Race Q&A With Faith Ahlers

Apr 27 2018

Kuryakyn dealer direct sales rep Faith Ahlers is gearing up for the ride of her life. Representing the U.S.A. as one of four participants in the 2018 Women’s World Record Race, the past few months have been a whirlwind of promo appearances, planning, and training for the arduous 15,374-mile test of endurance to see who can claim the Guinness World Record for the fastest woman to travel around the world by motorcycle. You can learn more about each rider and link to live GPS tracking HERE.

While ultimately this is a competition, there’s no shortage of camaraderie between the four riders hailing from different parts of the world. Each has shared tips ranging from training regimens to insider knowledge that will help them navigate each other’s home turf. This once-in-a-lifetime ride will undoubtedly test the resolve of each rider, so we sat down with Faith to find out what’s going through her head and what she’s done to prepare for the long road ahead.

KURY: How does it feel to represent the USA on the Women’s World Record Ride?
FA: I’m definitely honored to represent the U.S.A. and help promote women riders both here in the States and abroad. I’m really hoping this inspires other women to get out and ride, take up riding, or at least just go out and follow their dreams. I’m also really looking forward to uniting riders around the world. I plan on making many connections and lifelong friends along this route.

KURY: What have you done to prepare?
FA: The big thing is eating healthy. Not trying to lose weight because I need the bulk, but gaining healthy weight. I’m hitting the gym and working on core and leg strength because that Dark Horse is a beast of a bike. I’ve also focused on sleep management to help with the long days and short nights.

KURY: Have you and the other riders shared any secrets/tips with each other?
FA: We all sat down and shared tips on road signs, traffic patterns and things like that. Isa’s boyfriend picked me up an RFD sticker for my bike that gets me through all the tolls in Switzerland. Anita did the same for Austria, and I’ll be covering the girls’ tolls here in the U.S.

KURY: What will be most difficult about this experience?
FA: The endurance. There will be a lot of wear and tear on the body. There are going to be nights where I’ll be hurting bad, so dedication to push on will be crucial. Navigating Russia will also be very difficult due to the language barrier and their use of symbols, so I’ll be totally reliant on my navigation system. And the terrain there will also be some of the most difficult I’ve ever ridden.

KURY: Do you have a support team or chase vehicle trailing you?
FA: There really is no support vehicle. My biggest support, which I 100% welcome, is local riders willing to join my ride for a stretch. The amount of support I’ve already received from bikers around the world has been inspiring. Riders in Europe, Russia and South Korea are all planning on joining me in this ride. If mechanical issues arise that I can’t fix, there will be help teams located within a few hours. In certain areas we will have camera crews following, but for the most part, we are on our own.

KURY: Is there a particular stretch of this ride that you’re really looking forward to?
FA: I’m really looking forward to the Gotthard Pass in Switzerland. I’m incredibly humbled by the number of new friends I’ve made in Switzerland and throughout Europe over the past year promoting and preparing for this ride. That’s going to be the really cool part – riding with a lot of those friends. I’m also excited to hit the Tail of the Dragon with a lot of fellow riders here in the States. And experiencing the original Ace Café in London is something I’m extremely excited for.

KURY: Is there a stretch that gives you cause for concern?
FA: The remoteness in Russia and fact that we can’t take motorcycles on main roads in South Korea are both weighing heavily on my mind. I’ve used Google Earth to research a lot of this route and there were 80-mile stretches where you didn’t see another vehicle. Russia and Alaska are going to be tough between wildlife and road conditions. Not to mention the areas where four-lane highway all of a sudden turns into loose gravel for 30-40 meters. And the potholes are insane! Things are going to happen, my plan is to take it one day at a time and roll with the punches. One thing I’m not worried about is the people. Bikers look out for bikers no matter where you’re from.

KURY: When did you first meet “Grizzly” and how has your relationship grown?
FA: Well, I don’t know a stranger; I talk to just about anybody and everybody. I first met Grizzly in Daytona when during his 2014 World Record Ride, which was very similar to this route but also included Mexico. I think our relationship grew because we both have such a love for Victory Motorcycles, and we’ve always stayed in contact. I’ve always been a huge fan of his.

KURY: How have your sponsors helped ensure you’re prepared?
FA: Camacho Cigars is covering all air shipping costs of the bikes when we have to cross the ocean. Kuryakyn has definitely helped outfit my bike with full L.E.D. lighting, floorboards that are gorgeous and super comfortable, all my luggage, and plenty more. Mustang Seats exceeded my expectations with the custom seat they made. I wanted a touring seat, but with my smaller stature it had to be heavily modified so I didn’t lose too much reach. They absolutely knocked it out of the park with the stitching and design.

KURY: Who else has been a big support in getting you prepared?
FA: Family. I have to mention their support. My husband has really pushed me to eat healthy and with fitness. My twin sons have also been totally supportive and are coming home for the send-off party. Even my own siblings have been extremely supportive. My oldest brother, who’s a bigger nerd than I am, has been helping with my entire route mapping. He’s coming up from St. Louis for my takeoff and plans to ride with me all the way to Orlando, so that’ll be pretty cool. I’m also a member of the Open Road Girls and that whole group, including founding member Malinda Johnson, has been a huge support in terms of sending me messages of encouragement. It’s truly awe-inspiring.

All riders and supporters are invited to join us as we send Faith off in style at Bison Thunder Motorcycle in St. Michael, Minnesota, during the Women’s World Record launch party on Saturday, May 5, which also happens to be International Female Ride Day. And if you really want to show your support for Faith, show up bright and early the morning of Sunday, May 6 for the official send-off celebration where everyone is encouraged to ride along on the first leg of her race. Kickstands up at 7 a.m. sharp!

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