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Kuryakyn Teams Up With WolfPack

Sep 12 2019

Riding motorcycles with a group can require a lot of planning, preparation… and oftentimes, patience! The more organized you (or your ride captains) are, the less likely things are to go awry on the road. But accounting for every variable that might arise can be difficult. Riders getting separated from the pack, variances in fuel capacity between motorcycles and on-the-fly communication for breakdowns or last-minute route diversions are a few things that can ruin even the most well-planned ride. Luckily, there’s an app to help ensure smooth sailing for you and your pack!

Kuryakyn was founded on designing products with a purpose to enhance the riding experience, so we’re excited to announce a partnership with an innovative rider-friendly platform designed to transform the way motorcyclists ride in groups — the WolfPack Mobile App.

WolfPack is a comprehensive riding-based app designed to streamline the process of organizing, planning and executing a safe, enjoyable and worry-free group riding experience. Think of it as the Swiss Army Knife of GPS services. The app comes complete with a host of built-in features including, but not limited to, turn-by-turn navigation, customizable one-touch direct messaging to the entire group, and real-time radar tracking for everyone in your pack to ensure no rider gets left behind.

The WolfPack App is available on any Android or iOS device in Basic (FREE) or Premium (PAID) platforms. Upon download, the user can enjoy the Premium version for 30 days, for free. After those 30 days, the user has to become a paying user to keep the Premium level, or, can choose to revert to Basic. WolfPack Premium is available for $5.99 per month (or $59.99 for a full year) and offers unlimited rides plus the ability to set up to multiple waypoints, navigate directly to a waypoint, capture and save interesting places along the ride for return trips, utilize an integrated chat system and even share pictures within your group. The Basic version, on the other hand, is limited for only 8 rides a year, does not support waypoints and has other limitations.

Integrated turn-by-turn navigation with radar to track every member in your group keeps your pack intact. You can also save and keep a full ride log to retrace or share your favorite routes.

The WolfPack App features customizable one-touch direct messaging to update your entire group and also offers users the ability to search and join "public" rides created by other WolfPack members.

WolfPack’s mission is to reinvent the group riding experience. They’re also taking the inherent social aspects that bind riders together to another level. Even if you’re usually a “one-man wolf pack” but still enjoy the occasional group ride or just want to find new routes to explore, you can create or search for rides in your area that are open to the entire WolfPack community, which currently includes more than 60,000 registered users.

Kuryakyn is more than proud to support WolfPack’s efforts and offer their users exclusive content, special promotions and in-app access to purchase directly through the Kuryakyn website. We’ll also be organizing group rides at various rallies and events, so sign up today and join the Kuryakyn WolfPack community!

To download the app for iOS, CLICK HERE

To download the app for Android, CLICK HERE

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