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Top Upgrades to Extend Fall Riding

Sep 27 2019

Summer’s in the rear-view. Days are getting shorter, temps are getting colder, and for some of us, the dreaded white stuff will soon signal the end of another riding season. So now’s the time to think about how to extend fall riding by equipping your motorcycle with accessories to fight the falling temps and light up the night.

Whether looking for L.E.D. motorcycle lighting or luggage for storing extra layers, a few key upgrades can help ensure you’ll stay warm, be seen, and get the most miles possible this fall riding season. To get the ideas flowing, we’ve compiled a list of our newest and top-selling items including heated grips, wind management aids and more.

Hands are one of three crucial contact points between a rider and motorcycle. And frozen fingers can turn the most idyllic fall ride into a painful and dangerous situation. We all know that when your body gets cold, it draws warm blood from the extremities including the hands, leading to loss of sensation and mobility. Cold-weather gloves are one of the more obvious solutions but can add unwanted bulk, restrict finger movement as far as engaging levers or switches, and if poorly designed, lead to declined overall rider control. Heated grips and/or hand guards are two additional options to keep your digits from surrendering to the wind chill.

Speaking of motorcycle wind chill… Touring bikes or fully-faired baggers and sport-tourers usually do a decent job of blocking most of the wind. Adding a variable air deflector not only takes the wind-blocking up a notch, but it also puts the rider in control of airflow into the cockpit.

Kuryakyn fairing-mounted air deflectors are spring-loaded and adjust to multiple positions. Open them up for a refreshing breeze in warmer temps, or keep them fully closed to minimize cold airflow and cockpit turbulence in cooler weather.

Fixed or non-adjustable wind management solutions include our popular Lower Triple Tree Wind Deflectors and Airmaster Windshields.

Available for select Indian and H-D models, Kuryakyn Lower Triple Tree Deflectors are designed to block and redirect moisture and upward airflow between the tank and fairing. There’s a reason why these are one of the highest-rated and most-reviewed products on our site: because they flat-out work!

Kuryakyn Airmaster Windshields for Indian and Harley-Davidson deliver a double-dose of function and style with their shatterproof polycarbonate construction overlaid with a blacked-out dark smoke tint. Airmaster Windshields for Indian are .5” wider than stock and bolt onto factory mounts to retain full adjustability using the stock controls. Airmaster Windshields for Harley-Davidson models are offered in three different height options to suit a variety of riders. All Kuryakyn Airmaster Windshields are manufactured in the U.S.A.

Regardless of where you stand on the original purpose of daylight savings time, shorter days are upon us. Starting in October here in western Wisconsin, it’s dark when we ride to work… and it’s dark when we ride home. And like many areas of the U.S., as the sun rises and sets we play a deadly game of Russian roulette with deer during mating season. Upgrading your motorcycle with L.E.D. headlights, turn signals or auxiliary lights can significantly enhance all-around safety by lighting up the roadway and your ride.

A motorcycle’s headlight leads the frontline defense against sundown riding. Upgrading to L.E.D. has never been easier with modern advancements, and the effects will completely enhance your riding experience. Add a set of quality passing lamps and/or driving lights for backup support and prepare to wage war on dark roadways.

Kuryakyn Orbit L.E.D. headlights and passing lamps are available in two styles: Vision and Prism+. Both feature the same projector-style high-output L.E.D.’s, but the Orbit Vision features a full-time white halo whereas the Prism+ has a Bluetooth-controlled multi-colored halo for added style. Orbit Prism+ headlights and passing lamps are specifically designed to integrate with our all-new Prism+ accent lighting network of smart L.E.D.'s (more on that below).

Another way to enhance visibility toward motorists is accent lighting. Advancements in L.E.D. technology have led to near-endless possibilities of incorporating light fixtures into vehicle trim and other components. And we have a variety of ways for you to increase safety through auxiliary L.E.D. run, brake and turn signal lighting.

Our latest leap into the future of smart L.E.D.’s is the all-new Prism+ accent lighting system. Kuryakyn Prism+ kits integrate and communicate with Prism+ headlights to offer a truly panoramic smart system of L.E.D.’s for your motorcycle. The Bluetooth-controlled lights are powered by a robust app available for free download to any Android or iOS device. Features include street legal “Ride” mode that designates the front lights as amber and rear lights as red for street legal use, turn signal and brake light sync on select models, the industry’s only chasing L.E.D. display mode, customizable display options and more.

There’s no denying the difference in brightness between incandescent and L.E.D. bulbs when it comes to turn signals. But whether you’re comfortable wrenching on your own bike or not, messing with anything wiring/electrical can be a daunting task. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, we've got you covered.

If you’re happy with the way your stock signals look and simply want to improve brightness, we’ve got a variety of 1157 and 3157 style L.E.D. bulbs and L.E.D. turn signal and taillight conversions that make upgrading to L.E.D. a five-minute task (tops). For those wanting a different look altogether, along with more intense output vs stock, we also offer a full range of custom L.E.D. turn signals including the popular Kuryakyn by Kellermann collection.

Layering up with long underwear, sweatshirts/liners or jackets won’t help you fight the battle against darkness, but it’s a necessary evil with fluctuating fall temperatures. Being able to shed those layers is even more of a necessity as the midday sun cranks up the dial before dusk sends you back into a fall freeze.

Almost all Kuryakyn motorcycle luggage makes stowing and accessing your gear while on the road quick and painless. With a variety of bag sizes and mounting options, plus innovative external coat flap and bungee storage features capable of securing full-size riding jackets, we’ve got solutions for every bike and every rider.

If you’re lucky enough to live in warmer climates and don’t have to deal with the drastic drop in riding temps… well, we’re happy for you (and maybe a little jealous). But for those of you preparing for the inevitable end like us here in the Midwest, good luck trying to rack up as many miles as possible before the bottom falls out. Ride safe out there and hit up our comments below with your fall riding tips and favorite rides.

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